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Educational Transformations Pty Ltd will draw on an extensive network of experts throughout Australia and around the world, reflecting Managing Director Brian Caldwell’s extensive experience over the last decade,
now extending to 32 nations or economies on six continents
(see Managing Director, Brian J. Caldwell).

A small, dedicated and expert team will be assembled to complete each project.

National and International Associates for
Educational Transformations

Educational Transformations Pty Ltd has established an association with two companies that strengthen our capacity in Australia, Europe and Latin America.





Brian Caldwell’s association with Jim Spinks continues in the linking of the work of Educational Transformations Pty Ltd and JM and M Spinks Consultants in Education. Brian and Jim co-authored the influential trilogy of books on self-managing schools (The Self-Managing School in 1988, Leading the Self-Managing School in 1992 and Beyond the Self-Managing School in 1998). They have worked together since 1984 in policy advice and leadership development on aspects of self-management in Australia, England, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Jim was principal of schools that provided the model for self-management before establishing JM and M Spinks Consultants in Education in 2000. He has undertaken research on the links between student learning needs and school resources and played an important role in the development of the new resource allocation model for government schools in Victoria. Senior Consultant with JM and M Spinks Consultants in Education is Marilyn Spinks. Marilyn’s earlier work as a school principal focused on the building of school-community relationships and innovation in efforts to achieve improved outcomes for students in disadvantaged settings. Marilyn was also involved in research that underpinned the new model for resource allocation in Victoria. Educational Transformations Pty Ltd and JM and M Spinks Consultants in education will continue their association in national and international consultancy.

Educational Transformations Pty Ltd has established an association with Delannoy and Associates with offices in Chile and France, thus extending capacity for projects in Europe and Latin America. Directors of Delannoy and Associates are Francoişe Delannoy who has served for many years in the World Bank and Patrick Delannoy who has held senior appointments in the International Monitory Fund (IMF). Francoişe is an education policy specialist with 22 years of experience in World Bank and other projects in Africa, South East Asia and Latin America. Projects have been conducted in poor environments including Bolivia, Laos, Philippines, Mali and Chad; in middle-income countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cameroon and Malaysia; and most recently in an OECD country (Austria). She has played a key role in important educational reforms in Chile where she has provided advice to successive ministers of education. Francoişe specialises in community participation, business process innovations, change management, teacher careers and professionalism, modernization of educational institutions, learning and leadership. She is currently leading the effort in Chile to establish iNet (Chile) (International Networking for Educational Transformation) and works closely with Brian Caldwell in his role as Associate Director, iNet (Global) for the Specialist Schools Trust. Delannoy and Associates have offices in Santiago, Chile and Paris, France.

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