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Leading the Self-Transforming School A contribution from Brian Caldwell at the 2013 Roundtable of the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change held at East China Normal University, Shanghai, China 11-12 March 2013. The paper draws on leadership themes in his forthcoming book with Jim Spinks The Self-Transforming School to be published for an international market by Routledge (London and New York) on 10 July 2013 (see order form).

This paper draws on themes in a mega-analysis of developments in the leadership and management of schools that spans 50 years. The focus of the project (mega-analysis) was on developments in which significant authority, responsibility and accountability have been decentralized to schools, reviewing what has transpired from 1988 to 2013, and looking ahead to possibilities and probabilities to 2038, exploring in particular how self-managing schools may become self-transforming schools.

These themes are drawn from The Self-Transforming School (Caldwell and Spinks 2013) to be published on the 25th anniversary of The Self-Managing School (Caldwell and Spinks 1988) which became a resource for the design and delivery of initiatives in England, in particular the 1988 Education Reform Act, as well as in Hong Kong (School Management Initiative) and New Zealand (Tomorrows Schools)

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