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Leading the Self-Transforming School

LEADING THE SELF-TRANSFORMING SCHOOL Brian Caldwell is Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Educational Transformations and Professorial Fellow and former Dean of education at the University of Melbourne. This paper was presented as the Ann D. Clark Lecture for the Catholic Education Office Parramatta, Parramatta, 29 August 2013. I am honoured to be invited to […]

Achieving a Self-Transforming School

Achieving a Self-Transforming School The themes in this paper and the question posed in the title were addressed by Professor Brian Caldwell in an Invited Workshop at the 2012 Joint APPA NZPF Trans-Tasman Conference on the theme ‘Leading Learning: Our Primary Purpose’, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, September 20, 2012. The Paper was republished by CSE (Centre […]

Music Education Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry

Music Education Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry Introductory Statement To The Education And Training Committee Inquiry On Music Education Parliament Of Victoria Brian J. Caldwell I am joined in this submission by Dr Tanya Vaughan, former Senior Consulting Researcher and Director of Impact Studies at Educational Transformations. Dr Vaughan is now Senior Project Officer (School Leadership) at the […]

Next Golden State in School Education in Australia?

WHAT MUST BE DONE TO ACHIEVE A GOLDEN STATE IN SCHOOL EDUCATION IN AUSTRALIA?  Brian J. Caldwell and Tanya Vaughan In May 2011 The Economist published an article on the future of Australia under the heading ‘The next Golden State’, with the sub-title ‘With a bit of self-belief, Australia could become a model nation’ (The […]

Autonomy for Schools

SEPARATING THE GOOD FROM THE BAD IN MYTHS ABOUT MORE AUTONOMY FOR SCHOOLS Brian J. Caldwell It is generally well-known that I have been an advocate of self-managing schools in the public sector for more than three decades and you may well be wondering if I have anything to add in a conference on the theme ‘Looking […]