Every school a world class school

Every school a world class school: Can such a vision be realised? Professor Brian J. Caldwell Educational Transformations Pty Ltd and University of Melbourne Australian College of Educators National Conference Imagination> Inspiration >Innovation Hobart 14 April 2008 1. International benchmarking 2. Education, economy, society: The Australia 2020 Summit 3. International Project to Frame the Transformation of Schools […]

Raising the Stakes

Raising the Stakes From Improvement to Transformation in the Reform of Schools – By Brian J. Caldwell, Jim M. Spinks Published 20th July 2007 by Routledge – 256 pages – Series: Leading School Raising the Stakes provides an understanding of the breadth of resources that are needed in order to provide a quality education to […]

Re-imagining Educational Leadership

Re-imagining Educational Leadership – Brian Caldwell Publisher: ACER Press, 2006 Re-imagining Educational Leadership will help reshape educational leadership in school systems around the world at a time when policymakers seem to be losing faith in what schools can accomplish and school leaders are losing heart. Part A, ‘Re-imagining the Self-Managing School’, reports what has happened […]

The Future Of Schools, Lessons From The Reform Of Public Education

The Future Of Schools, Lessons From The Reform Of Public Education – By Brian J. Caldwell, Don Hayward Published 29th August 1997 by Routledge This book provides a unique analysis of the efforts to establish systems of self-managing schools around the world. It describes the ‘Schools of the Future’ program in Victoria – the largest […]