Educational Transformations Services

Educational Transformations Services

Educational Transformations ServicesEducational Transformations Pty Ltd offers a range of services to lead and support efforts to achieve significant, systematic and sustained change in education that secures success for all students in all settings.
Examples of services include the following:

  • Commissioned research and strategic advice to governments, schools, and school Systems
  • Programs in leadership development
  • Consultancy on transformation
  • Keynote presentations at national and international conferences
  • Strategic Support for Schools

Educational Transformations Triennial Report 2013-15

Annual Report 2013


Strategic support for schools

Since 1 March 2008 Educational Transformations services include support of schools and school systems that seek to achieve change on the scale of transformation or sustain their high performance. Transformation is significant, systematic and sustained change that secures success for all students in all settings.

Our strategic support enables us to work with leaders at the school or system level to:

  • Conduct an audit of current capacity for transformation. The focus might be the system as a whole, a region or district, a school, or a unit within a school. The end point is the identification of priorities.
  • The indicators validated in the international project suggest strategies for action. Each strategy requires further specification and this is the next step after the audit is conducted and priorities are established. Conduct an audit of structures, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in governance and identify priorities and strategies to ensure effectiveness.
  • Design and deliver related professional development programs to help build understanding and capacity in the processes of transformation. These programs might include seminars, workshops, site visits to schools and systems where transformation has been achieved, or master classes by leaders who have excelled in this domain.

We follow The Educational Transformations Way in providing our services to schools and school systems. The essence of our approach is close partnership.

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