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Educational Transformations Pty Ltd was established by Professor Brian J Caldwell in 2004, following his retirement as Dean of Education at the University of Melbourne where he continues as a Professorial Fellow.

The company undertakes a range of projects commissioned by state and commonwealth authorities and by non-profit entities.

Occasional papers, monographs and books are published. Keynote presentations and workshops are conducted for professional associations in Australia and other countries. Projects are conducted annually for both Independent and Public school sectors and some work is carried out on a pro bono basis.

Associates of Educational Transformations include Dr. Tanya Vaughan, Dr Jessica Harris, Fiona Longmuir and Anna Kitney. Find out more about our Associates here

Educational Transformations Services are more fully explained here

Educational Transformations invite you to download pdf versions of Publications, Presentations and Opinion articles and other Downloadable Pages.

We also offer links to currently available Published Books and keep you updated with information about Educational Transformation via our “What’s New” section.

Why a paper plane as a logo? ‘A logo is the distillation of the complex, the absence of the irrelevant. It is the visual essence of simplicity’. These are the words of Paul Rand who is generally regarded as the father of the modern logo. Find out more about ours here

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