Every school a world class school

Every school a world class school: Can such a vision be realised?

Professor Brian J. Caldwell
Educational Transformations Pty Ltd
and University of Melbourne
Australian College of Educators
National Conference
Imagination> Inspiration >Innovation
Hobart 14 April 2008

1. International benchmarking
2. Education, economy, society: The Australia 2020 Summit
3. International Project to Frame the Transformation of Schools
4. Indicators of transformation
5. Autonomy, accountability and choice
6. Counter-intuitive thinking about private schools
7. Elements of an education revolution
8. Passion, strategy and trust

Strategies for an education revolution
• Transformation of the teaching profession
• Settlement on the public-private issue
• Dramatic engagement of the wider community
• Breakthrough in Governance
• New provision in design and delivery of curriculum
• Elevating leadership
• Acting globally – Acting locally
• Why Not the Best Schools?

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