Re-imagining Educational Leadership

Re-imagining Educational Leadership – Brian Caldwell

Publisher: ACER Press, 2006Re-Imagining Educational Leadership

Re-imagining Educational Leadership will help reshape educational leadership in school systems around the world at a time when policymakers seem to be losing faith in what schools can accomplish and school leaders are losing heart. Part A, ‘Re-imagining the Self-Managing School’, reports what has happened in schools that became self-managing in the 1990s. Caldwell describes how best practice has far outstripped the initial vision. Two exciting new concepts of ‘synergy’ and ‘sagacity’ are described and illustrated.
Deeper exploration of the new image of the self-managing school led to the formulation in Part B, ‘The New Enterprise Logic of Schools’, the first element of which is ‘the student is the most important unit of organisation – not the classroom, not the school, and not the system’. Illustrations from schools that had been transformed or were on the way to transformation reveal that leadership can be exhilarating, even under the most challenging circumstances. Part C, ‘Exhilarating Leadership’ counters the negative headlines about leadership in schools that is too often portrayed as ‘mission impossible’. Re-imagining Educational Leadership will challenge policy makers at all levels to re-imagine educational leadership. This book shares a genuine optimism that educational leadership is ‘mission possible’ at a time that many have doubt. (click on image to purchase)

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