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Leadership that transforms schools and school systems (powerpoint)

LEADERSHIP THAT TRANSFORMS SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL SYSTEMS Brian J. Caldwell is Principal Consultant at Educational Transformations and Professor Emeritus and a former Dean of Education at the University of Melbourne. This paper was addressed in an invited presentation at the Annual Research Conference of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) on the theme Leadership […]

Changing Schools in an Era of Globalization

Changing Schools in an Era of Globalization, co-edited with John Chi-Kin Lee in 2011, was released by Routledge in paperback in February 2014. Much has been written about globalization and the challenge of preparing young people for the new world of work and life in times of complexity and continuous change. However, few works have […]

The Self-Transforming School

The Self-Transforming School By Brian J Caldwell, Jim Spinks. Published August 2013 by Routledge – 224 pages  This is the first mega-analysis in education policy and practice. It combines an overview of insightful meta-analyses of factors contributing to the success of schools and an analysis of powerful mega-trends that are shaping developments in education in […]

Brian Caldwell – Asia Pacific Centre

Leading the Self-Transforming School A contribution from Brian Caldwell at the 2013 Roundtable of the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change held at East China Normal University, Shanghai, China 11-12 March 2013. The paper draws on leadership themes in his forthcoming book with Jim Spinks The Self-Transforming School to be published for an international […]

Re-imagining Educational Leadership

Re-imagining Educational Leadership – Brian Caldwell Publisher: ACER Press, 2006 Re-imagining Educational Leadership will help reshape educational leadership in school systems around the world at a time when policymakers seem to be losing faith in what schools can accomplish and school leaders are losing heart. Part A, ‘Re-imagining the Self-Managing School’, reports what has happened […]