The Autonomy Premium

the autonomy premiumThe Autonomy Premium, Brian Caldwell’s latest publication on the topic of autonomy, describes and illustrates what successful schools with a higher level of autonomy do with their new authority and responsibility to achieve improved outcomes for their students.

Drawing on national and international research, with illustrations from case studies in Australia, Brian Caldwell shows how the links to learning can be made. The focus is on building the capacity of schools to make the best decisions in the interests of all students in every setting. It is not enough to provide more autonomy; schools must have a capacity to take it up.

Professional autonomy trumps structural autonomy. The evidence base is growing stronger by the day and schools are becoming increasingly adept in delivery. Guidelines for schools and school systems can now be offered with certainty of success, making this book essential reading at a time of rising expectations for the profession.

Forewords by Dr Ben Jensen and Laureate Professor John Hattie…

‘It is difficult to underestimate the contribution Brian Caldwell has made to Australian education, not to mention to global work in education. There is perhaps no greater sign of ground-breaking accomplishments when one’s work becomes accepted wisdom – even more so when that work pushes thinking in new directions.’
Dr Ben Jensen, CEO of Learning First

‘Caldwell has been among the most important and prolific writers on the topic of autonomy … any user of this term must read this book.’
Laureate Professor John Hattie, Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne

The Autonomy Premium is now available to purchase from ACER press.

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