Darwin 2014 Leaders Forum: Caldwell Keynote on Transforming Learning

How Schools Can Take the Lead in Transforming Learning

Brian J. Caldwell is Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Educational Transformations and Professor Emeritus at the University of Melbourne where he served as Dean of Education from 1998 to 2004.  This keynote was presented in a one-day workshop led by Brian Caldwell and Jim Spinks for school leaders in the Northern Territory, Darwin on 8 April 2014.

It is difficult to name any field of endeavour where there is not currently a call for transformation. School education is no exception.
Transformation may be defined as significant, systematic and sustained change that secures success for all students in all settings.
In this one-day workshop we draw on major themes in our recent book The Self-Transforming School (Caldwell and Spinks 2013). We set our presentations and workshop sessions in the context of the Strategic Plan 2013-2015 of the Department of Education, the Australian Professional Standard for Principals, and the fact that what we have written about has been drawn from successful self-transforming schools in Australia and around the world.
I should acknowledge at the outset that a goal for schools in the Northern Territory comes as close as any we have read to our definition of transformation. Goal 2 in the Strategic Plan 2013 — 2015 is ‘Every Student a Successful Learner’. More specifically, ‘We are committed to creating opportunities and the environment for successful learning for every student in every school’. This is a remarkable commitment given the challenges faced by schools in the Northern Territory.

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