Triennial Report 2013-2015


We are pleased to report on projects, publications, presentations and pro bono work undertaken by the Educational Transformations team in our fourth triennium: 2013-2015.

Educational Transformations Pty Ltd was established by Professor Brian Caldwell in June 2004 following his retirement as Dean of Education at the University of Melbourne where he is Emeritus Professor. The company undertakes a range of projects commissioned by state and commonwealth authorities and by non-profit entities. Occasional papers, monographs and books are published. Keynote presentations and workshops are conducted for professional associations in Australia and other countries. Projects are conducted annually for a limited number of schools and some work is carried out on a pro bono basis.

During this, our fourth triennium, we engaged in 30 projects and made 46 presentations.  Our work may be captured in 47 themes (key words): alternative schooling, arts in schools, Bell Shakespeare in schools, change in education, early career teachers, educational finance, educational leadership, educational policy, federal role in school education, experimentalist approaches in education, futures in education, initial teacher education, initial teacher education, innovation in schools, international comparative studies, local empowerment of schools, mentoring, music education, needs-based funding, not-for-profit support of schools, pastoral care in schools, principal performance and development, philanthropy in schools, professional learning, principal certification, principals who teach, scenarios in education, school accountability, school autonomy, school curriculum, school devolution, school governance, school innovation, school leadership, school management, school partnerships, school performance, school review, school self-review, self-improving schools, self-managing schools, self-transforming schools, student achievement, student engagement, Teach for Australia, trust in schools, youth grants.

Our team during this triennium included Professor Brian Caldwell, Dr Tanya Vaughan, Dr Jessica Harris, Fiona Longmuir, Professor Ron Toomey, Dr Jennifer Gidley, Marjan Mossammaparast, Evelyn Douglas and Annabel Clowes.

Educational Transformations Triennial Report 2013-2015

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