Why not the Best Schools?

Why not the Best Schools? What we have learned from outstanding schools around the world. 2008Why Not the Best Schools

By Brian Caldwell and Jessica Harris

Publisher: ACER Press **Shortlisted for an APA award 2009!**

Why not the Best Schools? offers a ten-point, ten-year plan for an education revolution that will result in the transformation of Australia’s schools. Expectations have been raised in Australia and comparable countries for an ‘education revolution’ that will secure success for all students in all settings. Such a revolution must ensure the alignment of educational outcomes, the skills required for a strong economy, and the needs of a harmonious society.

Why not the Best Schools? goes beyond system characteristics to provide an in-depth account of how transformation occurs in schools. Fifty indicators are provided to help shape strategies for policy makers and practitioners in schools and school systems. Guidelines for leadership and governance ensure a future-focus for those who are determined to ensure that all students will succeed in the twentieth-first century.

This book draws on a five-year study culminating in the International Project to Frame the Transformation of Schools conducted in Australia, China, England, Finland, the United States and Wales. The findings are consistent with the McKinsey & Company report on the world’s best performing school systems and those arising from OECD’s PISA. There are 6 Case Study books, sold separately (click on image to purchase)

‘Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard should read this book.’ Wes James in Ed.Lines June 2009


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