Jennifer Gidley’s new book, Postformal Education

Brian Caldwell recommends Jennifer Gidley’s new book, Postformal Education, A Philosophy for Complex Futures.

The most compelling book on education I have read for many years. It has major implications for all who are in a position to influence developments in teacher education and educational policy. Gidley is one of the very rare scholars who can write intelligently and accessibly about the past, present and future in education. I was convinced by her contention that ‘what masquerades as education today must be seen for what it is – an anachronistic relic of the industrial past’. All who seek to play a part [in transforming education] must read this book.

– Brian J. Caldwell, PhD, former Dean of Education, University of Melbourne.
Deputy Chair, Australian Curriculum Assessment & Reporting Authority (ACARA).

Jennifer Gidley is a psychologist, educator and futurist.  In her new book, she explains why the current education model is obsolete.

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