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The Alignment Premium – now available to order

Brian Caldwell has written a sequel to The Autonomy Premium entitled The Alignment Premium, also published by ACER Press. Description and order form are available here.   Benchmarking Australia’s student achievement, professional autonomy and system adaptivity It is time for a new narrative on schools in Australia. Lifting Australia’s performance on international assessments depends on top-class teaching and learning […]

Caldwell presentation at 2017 ACER Research Conference

Leadership that transforms schools and school systems Professor Emeritus Brian J. Caldwell was invited to present on the topic ‘Leadership that transforms schools and school systems’ on August 29, 2017. The presentation is based on international comparative research in 13 countries including the world’s top-performing school systems. Caldwell ACER Conference Paper August 29

Education System Overhaul: Interview with Professor Caldwell

Does our education system need an overhaul?  Can Australia be in the top education rankings internationally? Professor Caldwell was recently interviewed by Jasmin Midgely from ABC Sunshine Coast radio about the benefits of school autonomy and student achievement.  Each school is unique which begs the question, “Is it possible to make decisions for individual schools from […]

The Autonomy Premium – Brian Caldwell’s forthcoming release

In his latest release, Brian Caldwell explains the connection between high levels of student achievement and school autonomy. Professional autonomy trumps structural autonomy. ’There is perhaps no greater sign of ground-breaking accomplishments when one’s work becomes accepted wisdom – even more so when that work pushes thinking in new directions.’ DR BEN JENSEN, CEO of Learning First Pre order your […]